Shop Fitting

When forming your shop-in-shop display or exhibition space, don’t forget to include the Sign+Display custom-designs. Let our designers provide you with a modern and eye-catching studio that will draw customers to your product and brand.

Information Centers

Information centers serve as a central hub in a showroom layout, where you can properly communicate your message to your clients.

These centers are extremely useful for efficiently distributing your literature to potential customers – whether you’re using booklets, brochures or other printed and informative materials.

They can also be installed with interchangeable artwork, and you can even order them with custom monitors to provide an excellent visual media experience for your clients.

Information Center with Digital Screen

This interactive information panel gives you an excellent possibility for your clients to explore your offers in an interesting and modern way. Wow your customer and present your product with the latest interactive technologies.

Information Stands and Holders

These stands are ideally placed next to products so that your clients may read important information about the product in question. They’re especially useful to advertise new items or to announce that a certain product is on sale.

Interior Customization

Our attention to detail is what makes our specialty products stand out and will complete the “look” for your showroom.

Podiums, pedestals, small shelves and plant boxes with greenery will allocate your exhibit a style that can be anything from – inviting and pleasant to exciting and exotic.