Material Samples

Material Sample Displays or Trollies

Material sample displays or trollies are a perfect accessory to a shop-in-shop studio. These solutions help your clients to test and visualize your products. 

Trolleys offer your customers the ability to see and feel various samples, allowing them to make a more informed decision when purchasing your products. These are very popular items and can be commissioned in any shape or style you might prefer.

All of our trolleys have aluminum hangers that allow the clients to display their particular leather or fabric samples in the most advantageous way possible. 

Sample Display Boxes

The display boxes are ideal for salespeople to have at hand when in consultation with a potential customer, as they allow for quick and easy access to show off any leather, wood or fabric samples that your client might be interested in.

We also make them with a “swing open” top cover, or whatever else you might need; the design possibilities are virtually unlimited with this product.