Light walls with banners

LED Light Boxes & Banners

Our LED light boxes are an effective and modern advertising tool that catches the customer’s eye through the use of LED backlighting. Our innovative light system is embedded into the light box frame. These clever display solutions are ideal for advertising your brand in places like exhibitions, trade shows, studios, as well as a myriad of other places where you might want to attract potential customers.

The size of the light box can be customized for your exhibit or showroom, and the frame-material can be designed to suit your needs. We specialize in birch, oak, or aluminium. Additionally, the light wall can be powder-coat painted to any specific RAL. You can also choose either a single-sided or double-sided solution for the light box itself, ensuring that your product will be strategically displayed regardless of the setting you find yourself in.

The standard measurements of our backlit light boxes are 0,8m wide x 2m high, with the prices starting at €284,86. These light boxes fit perfectly within smaller spaces and we offer you three different options to choose between for installation: 


The light box is placed on the floor in an upright position.
Included is the LED ladder, the metal pedestal feet, the power supply, and the electrical cords for the wall sockets, as well as all other fittings.


The light box is placed on a podium. This option will require more space, but it will also have the added benefit of substantially increasing the prominence of the display and making it much more notable.


The light box is displayed on an actual wall. This option is a sleek and modern space saver. The wall hanging backlit light box comes with a white fabric backing (sold separately) for optimal light-dispersion and maximum visibility of your communication.



We are tremendously proud of the quality of our banners – the actual thickness, color, and sharpness is unsurpassed by the rest of the industry, and just like all of our other products, they’re made to last.

Anything that you require, we can print on demand and in a timely fashion. All of our banners are silicone edge and have side-sewn seams, they fit effortlessly in the Sign+Display light boxes.